I'm a mechanical engineering student looking for some help regarding metalworking and CNC machining.
I am a part of some project and I was put in charge of making cost explanation files since I am the only one that used to work in the industry. The problem is that I left my job at the start of 2020 and have no recent prices for manufacturing processes because, as we all know, there were a few factors in the last two years that changed prices on the market.

The request is as follows: If you have your own workshop or have recently used any metalworking services, please give me the approximate price of the process per hour (preferably in EUR):

Turning, manual
Turning, CNC
Milling, manual
Milling, CNC (3-axis)
Milling, CNC (5-axis)
Gear hobbing (Pfauter)
Deep drilling (>60)
Surface grinding
OD and ID grinding
Gear teeth grinding
Wire EDM
Bandsaw cutting

Cutting - laser
Cutting - waterjet
Cutting - hydraulic shear
Bending - CNC press brake
Welding - MIG/MAG
Welding - TIG
Spot welding

Anything would help a great deal so thank you all in advance!