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    Help !! Stepper only turns in one direction?

    Please Help
    I am switching over from MicroKinetics software, opti board and opti driver. Am setting up tubocnc, slo-syn ss2000 md4 drivers and same steppers (which worked fine with the opti stuff) –Vexta m06 008 (12v .68a).

    The problem is the motor will only turn in one direction. Using pin 2 step and 3 direction(set high). When I jog the motor, It turns one way no matter with way I jog. If I pull direction pin wire it turns in the other direction. I tried a 10k dropdown res. No change. Hope someone can help me.
    Thanks in advance

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    On that driver, there is an "opto" supply (nominaly 5V) that supplies the anode end of the LED's in the opto isolators. The cathode ends of the LED's in the opto isolators are connected to the inputs. A logic low at the input turns the opto on. A logic high or an open circuit at an input will turn the opto off. Take a look at the circuits on page 17 of the instulation manual....

    It may be that your pin 3 direction output is not able to go all the way to a high level of 4V.


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    Are you absolutely certain that pin 3 on the parallel port (not data pin 3) is connected to the direction signal on your stepper driver? I've made that mistake (recently) and it took me a while to figure it out. LOL...

    Also, keep in mind that pin 2 and 3 are not data 2 and 3 since the strobe pin is on pin 1, data pin 0 (the first data pin) is on pin 2 of the connector.
    Parallel Port Signal Detail

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