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    Help with 0501 dsp controler Z axis

    Hello all!

    So the problem is with my dsp 0501 controller. It worked fine all the time, and then one day i just wanted to put some new update on it ( why ? I dont know ) and then it started to do the mess. When i press on controller Z- it goes UP and when i press Z+ it goes DOWN. I try to change the home direction + and - for Z axes but nothing help! I check all the cables from Z motor to main dock with multimetter all good. Im just dont know what else i can do to get it correct. Please help i am ready to pay for help! Thanks

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    Re: Help with 0501 dsp controler Z axis

    dsp 0501 or a11 ? 0501 maybe pulse drirection setup ,contact with me +8618560201508

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