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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > HURCO > Help with 2012 HURCO VM5i Winmax hard drive failure
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    Help with 2012 HURCO VM5i Winmax hard drive failure

    Hello! I recently had the hard drive go out in my 2012 VM5i running winmax. I pulled the drive and attempted to recover it with some old windows xp administrator tools I had, however, it appears the drive is corrupt beyond repair. Is correctly partitioning the drive and reinstalling windows xp and winmax something I would be able to do on my own? I run a small shop and don't have much overhead so I would like to avoid a costly repair if possible!

    I think I might be able to recover configuration files off the failing drive if it helps, but the registry table is toast.

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Re: Help with 2012 HURCO VM5i Winmax hard drive failure

    If the machine was set up correctly by the tech. There is a restore partition on that hard drive. there should be a usb stick in the back of the machine called i think it is called restore. there should also be instructions on how to use it in the door of the machine.
    When the tech installed you machine the last thing that should have been done before he left was make a restore point with current machine set up.
    That being said after 2015 we did not do it much because it became so easy to build a new hard drive the the Hurco supplied hard drive building tools. Most the time we found that restoring the old hard drive only got you a few months down the road before a all out failure.
    the config on your machine is stored on a little blue USB stick that is plugged in on the ITX rack so no worries there.

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