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    Help with JP-3163b controller


    I have a SXCNC 6040 CNC with a JP-3163b controller using CNC USB Controller software to run it. So far the machine is up and running, even with end triggers. Now I would like to be able to control the spindle direction and speed from my laptop but I am having a lot of trouble with this.
    There is a guide for setting up the VFD which I have followed:

    So I should connect my analogue 0-10V output to the VFD as shown in the video. My first problem is that if I measure the voltage on the analogue output of the JP-3163b whilst changing the spindle speed from the software it only changes from 5-6V. Also, if I set the spindle speed to 0 in the software the analogue output jumps to 6V (Maximum).

    Here is a link to the JP-3163b:

    PakaHuszar: CNC Improvement 2. - Drawings, E-Stop, Probe

    Secondly, I have no output on the spindle relay pins no matter the software configuration.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Help with JP-3163b controller

    The vfd needs to be set for pwm not analog.

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    Re: Help with JP-3163b controller


    Can you explain further I have been trying to get mine working thru the software for well over a year with no luck.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Help with JP-3163b controller

    I have also been struggling with this same thing for what feels like forever. I have an identical setup to that video and it doesn't work

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    Re: Help with JP-3163b controller

    Same issue here with JP-3163b.
    The 0-10V output pin gives 5.0 to 5.93V.
    The inverter have a 10V, 5V and 20mA input.
    First I think, the 5V input is PWM. But this not work.
    Any ideas?

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    Re: Help with JP-3163b controller

    I drew a circuit. Let's see if that works then.

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    Re: Help with JP-3163b controller

    The JP-3163D controller does not work! it had many design flaws, and was thus removed from production. The company further deleted all known versions of the manual and removed it from their manifest. The dangerous overcurrent will, in the long run, destroy the motors when used.

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