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    Hitachi Seiki 4NE-600 w/ Fanuc 5T issues

    Got this machine a few years back from a neighbor and finally got around to powering it up. Got the controls to light up and function, but the spindle doesn't turn and the neither of the axis' will move??? I dont have an operation manual for it or a paramater list.. Anyone have these? Anyone have a good place to start looking for a fix? Thanks!


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    Hi Aaron,

    you have pretty good timing. I have same machine and just got up and running this week. Now looking for a post for mastercam lathe v9!

    I have full set of manuals, wiring diagrams, parameter list etc, all/most I have scanned to pdf.

    If you have used Fanuc controls the 5t is sweet compared to some earlier models so you should have minimal problems.

    Ensure you have correct phase rotation for main connection, else some things work, some things don't work, and some things typically the servo drives blow fuses.

    Check you slideway lubrication reservoir, if its low you will get lit warning lamp on NC panel (top Rh corner which I think then prevents machine operation till fixed) and if machine been stored press the oil button a number of times at intervals (one push of mine powers pump on for 10 seconds at 10 minute intervals) to put oil on slides before you try and move. Clean the air filters on the NC unit and especially spindle drive motor cooling fan (hidden inside covers near vee belts).

    If you let me know what exactly you did and what response you got I might be able to help. Do you get hydraulic pressure showing on the clamping force gauge?


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    I have a 4NE-600 that I just acquired, if you still have the documentation on this machine it would help me from time to time.

    Best Regards,

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    Fellas... picked up a 4NE-600 5T myself recently... looking to get the actual operation / programming manuals for it, found one for the 6T but not the 5T as yet... any help would be much appreciated as well as a possible working gcode the machine likes so I can figure out the exact lingo it likes??? Darren

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