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    How to choose a suitable CNC router machine

    As we all know, ordinary engraving machines have three axes, that is, XYZ axis. The structure of this type of engraving machine and the programming of the movement form are relatively simple. During the processing, the direction of the tool will not change. Therefore, this type of CNC engraving machineis easier to operate and use? and it is suitable for beginners or novices in the CNC industry. Due to the structural advantages, this CNC wood router can achieve a large machining stroke. Therefore, it can also meet diverse processing needs. It has always been regarded as the best-selling CNC routermachine in the field of CNC machining. This type of CNC wood routeron the market includes multispindle CNC machine, ATC CNC machine, mini engraving machine, stone engraving machine, etc. If you just do some simple plane processing, you can choose this wood CNCmachine.The above is the processing function of the ordinary wood CNC router (3-axis CNCmachine)and the corresponding selection user. Next, let's talk about the 4-axis engraving machine. The 4 axis CNC engraving machine has four processing directions of X, Y, Z and A axes. Since the spindleof this type of CNCmachine can swing left and right, the spindle toolcan approach the workpiece from many different angles and effectively process three effective processing surfaces. The CNC machine can not only realize plane engraving, but also realize 3D engraving of irregular and complex workpieces. In addition, there is a kind of CNC engraving machine with arotary devicewhich is also called a 4 axis CNC routerby many users. This type of 4 axis engraving machine is equipped with a special rotarydevice, which can effectively process four processing surfaces, especially when processing cylindrical and four-sided three-dimensional workpieces, greatly reducing the number of clamping, and can perform multi-sided processing more easily. Therefore, this type of four-axis CNC engraving machine can realize the processing of three-dimensional workpieces such as keels,Buddha statues, Roman columns, gourds, and cylindrical, turning and box-shaped columns, corbels, armrests, chair legs, door and window frames processing.
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