1.Work-piece: Before purchasing, you need to fully consider the size, specification, stroke and structural height of the parts you produce. What we are looking for is a machine that is suitable for our products and can complete the processing tasks with a shorter worktable and a smaller weight.
2.Deflection: You also need to consider the possible deflection of this machine. Under the same load, the deflection of the worktable and sliding block of the 10-foot machine is 4 times that of the 5-foot machine. This means that smaller machines require fewer shim adjustments to produce qualified parts.
3.Bending radius: If the bending radius is smaller than the thickness of the material, a punch with a front-end fillet radius smaller than the thickness of the material must be used, and the imprint bending method must be used. This requires 10 times the pressure of free bending. In order to select extremely low equipment weight specifications, try to plan for a bending radius larger than the material thickness, and use the free bending method as much as possible.
4.Bending accuracy: Bending accuracy is a factor that needs to be carefully considered. It is this factor that determines the need to consider a CNC channel letter bending machine or a manual bending machine. The repeat-ability of the slide block of the CNC bender machine is ±0.0004 inch, and the repeat-ability of slide block of manual press brake is ±0.002 inch.
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