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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > ArtCam Pro > How to move a node in Z direction?
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    Apr 2021

    How to move a node in Z direction?

    Hi, im am new to Artcam and cnc machining. Use Artcam 2011.
    I draw a vector with several nodes, but need to move some of the nodes in the Z direction, but cannot find out how to move the nodes in other then XY direction.
    Need it for the tool following the vector paths but in varying z levels.
    Think it should be simple, but I just do not find out how to do it.

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    Apr 2021

    Re: How to move a node in Z direction?

    I have been looking for how to move a node in the Z direction everywhere, but have not been able to find a solution.
    Is it really true that it is not possible? nor in later versions of artcam?

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