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    How to Move an Object in McX5

    The attached indicates an object I cut in my old cnc but now with another cnc I want to have the same object below the X axis and to the left of Y axis (think it’s called 4th Quadrant?). In addition the long side of the object should be parallel to the Y axis.

    I’m using McX5 and never have been good at it but I manage. I work at it as a hobby for a month or so and then I remember a lot but then after a few years I go back at it and I remember nothing, lol. Please explain sufficiently so I can understand.

    Many thanks
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    Re: How to Move an Object in McX5

    To Move Objects to a Site
    In Toolspace, on the Prospector tab, expand Sites.
    Right-click a site, or collections or individual objects within the site, and click Move To Site.

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    Re: How to Move an Object in McX5

    Use the translate feature. From x-form click translate select what you want to move . Select from point then select to point hit ok and it moves.

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