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IndustryArena Forum > Tools / Tooling Technology > CNC Tooling > How to organize my BITS ??? HELP ME :)
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    How to organize my BITS ??? HELP ME :)

    Hi all .,.

    I have what i think most would call a vast collection of router bits, around 220 pieces..

    And im in a bother , because i have no idea how to organize all these bits.

    I mean i make all kind of work, plastic , wood , aluminium , steel on my beast... And sometimes its best with 1-2-3-4 flute , solid carbide , downcut so on and so on..

    Does anyone have an idea of how you would go about organizing a mess like mine ., and i mean a mess.. most of them are just standing uprigt in a wooden holder and without any indication to what they are or do right now.

    Best regards ,


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    Re: How to organize my BITS ??? HELP ME :)

    I have yet to do my collection. In looking for some ideas, here's a place to start.


    Here's one I think may work best for me,

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