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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Daewoo/Doosan > How to remove or reduce time of spindle warmup function on Doosan T4000 Vmc
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    How to remove or reduce time of spindle warmup function on Doosan T4000 Vmc

    Can any one tell me please how to remove or reduce time of spindle warm up function on Doosan T4000 vmc with sinumerik control 828d.
    I want this because warmup function is time consuming on strartup and it take 32 minutes at each start up.
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    Re: How to remove or reduce time of spindle warmup function on Doosan T4000 Vmc

    This is not recommended.
    A cold machine has greased bearings coated in grease that is not evenly distributed...warm grease was slowly pulled downward by gravity the last time that motion was turned off and after a few hours it needs redistribution to even out.
    A cold machine has smaller steel compared to the thermal expansion that a warm machine undergoes, so to build a high performance machine, the OEM has designed it to function in the way that is recommended.
    Some things, like spindles, are intentionally made "ever so slightly" loose, and close up during warm-up. They could make it perfect, but then running temperature would still expand the steel, only...there would be nowhere for it to go.
    Some things, like ballscrews, are pre-tensioned (not only for angular contact bearing pretension but...) thermal growth compensation. Fortunately, its overloading quickly transfers heat into the ballscrew...fixing the tension by growing until the over-tension relieves. (it is still wise to run the ballscrews though a "safe pattern" to allow them to level out without excess loads.
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    Re: How to remove or reduce time of spindle warmup function on Doosan T4000 Vmc

    hy, if 30minutes is for high rpms, close to spindle's upper range, and you rarely reach that area, then you may, not avoid, but reduce warm up time

    on the other side, if you use the machine near max rpms long enough, even if you warm it up, you may, eventualy, burn your bearings, especially if the spindle was not designed to handle only small tools; for example, at 12k rpms, a bt 30 should be more stable than bt40, than bt50, and so on, but not as stable as a machine with smaller bt size / kindly

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