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    Question How to setting parameter 2021 LDINT (Load inertia)

    I need help about how to setting 2021 LDINT (Load Inertia)

    Because there is a new motor replacement instead of the old motor that is broken After that, Test run the machine. Found that whining at the motor

    Ask the Fanuc maker to change the parameter No.2021 LDINT. Initially change from 640 to 300, then test run. No howling on the motor. Therefore would like to ask If using this parameter

    when using the machine, will there be any problems?

    Old parameter 2021
    X1: 640, Y:640, Z1:563, C1:512

    New parameter 2021
    X1:640, Y:300, Z1:563, C1:512

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    Re: How to setting parameter 2021 LDINT (Load inertia)

    The setting of the new parameter is correct,you had a higher current preload on the motor and the conditions on your machine gets better after motor replacement.
    the load inertia depends also if the guide ways are well lubrificated ,the axis weight in KG ,if it is horizontal or vertical,the bearings from ball screw,the bearings from motor etc.
    all the cinematic is included on the LDINT that it has as measurement unit KG*SQUARE METER.
    so fi you change a broken or bad motor that has bad bearings,you will not need so much load inertia to move the axis,that it is why you have to decrease it.
    when the machine gets old,lubrification is not working well,the turcit of the guide ways is wearing,than you need to increase it as you need more force to push the axis.
    Hope i made you understand the principle of the load inertia parameter.

    conclusion:it will not damage anything on the motor or machine is just you need a lower inertia to move that axis as you have new bearings on the cinematic.

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