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IndustryArena Forum > GENERAL MANUFACTURING PROCESSES > MILLING > How to setup custom post processor in Mastercam ?
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    How to setup custom post processor in Mastercam ?

    Hey guys i'm using MasterCam 2018.

    I am Newbie in MasterCam .

    My machine control is Siemens (Sinumerik 808D milling). When i generate post processor there exist some command like Workpiece(" "), SUPA etc,

    My machine 'Sinumerik' doesn’t support these command, that why i don’t want these command in my post processor.

    Now my question is which parameter should i change in MasterCam to omit these Command?

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    Re: How to setup custom post processor in Mastercam ?

    A post processor is needed to translate toolpath information from Mastercam into an NC format the machine tool can interpret.

    Mastercam also has an extensive library of available post processors available through your
    Mastercam Reseller. Your Reseller should be your first point of contact with all your post requests and support needs. They’ve received extensive training with the Mastercam product line, including post processor development.

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