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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > HURCO > Hurco bmc-40. ultimax 2 CRT broken
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    Hurco bmc-40. ultimax 2 CRT broken

    CRT cracked where round plug attaches to tube. Is it possible to swap another CRT from km knee mill? Left side. # 425-0001-014D. I do have the older version, no shroud and elongated boards. There is another issue with Asco valve 26490027. Any help to get this old machine running appreciated

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    Re: Hurco bmc-40. ultimax 2 CRT broken

    Just saw your post Mark
    I have a Ultimax II and had some issues with the left monitor but got it fixed and posted here maybe 5-10 years ago
    The right screen and left screen are different.. too bad, I have a spare right screen tube
    I was not able to find a replacement on the left screen, but it turned out to be a bad board, not the tube
    I did consider getting a computer monitor type replacement bu it was over $ 1200 back then
    I think (was told) that the frequency of that side monitor was unique, something like 15.2 K ??


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