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    Hurco SSM20 w/ Ultipath control

    Hoff-Hilk Auction Services

    First off: Forgive me if I say something incorrect since I just started getting into machining a few months ago.

    I bought the machine posted in this link above and have two (hopefully) small problems that can be fixed.

    1st: The soft axis limits seem to come into effect about 6 inches before the other limits are reached. I can't seem to find how to change these to where I get full travel.

    2nd: The X axis and the Z axis when ran above 40% feed rate when letting off the jog they tend to vibrate kinda bad (constantly); kinda like something needs adjustment. Or something is trying to center itself and can't because of the inertia when it stops (if that makes any sense). The only way to stop this is to either hit the E-stop or to change direction and slow the feed rate under 40% then bring it to a hault.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    1. The soft axis limits should be found in the "Set Up" screen of your controller and can be set properly there. Best to use the dimensions listed in the manual

    2. Sounds like your servo-drives need tuning and are oscillating to beat the band. Take a look and see what type and model of drive cards you have.

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    Re: Hurco SSM20 w/ Ultipath control

    Do you still have this?

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    Re: Hurco SSM20 w/ Ultipath control

    Quote Originally Posted by Kcarpenter1986 View Post
    Do you still have this?
    I do actually.

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    Re: Hurco SSM20 w/ Ultipath control

    Thats great news. It the ultipath still working.
    I have a hurco cnc Hark 2u with an ultipath control on it and i am having problems with some missing data. I am wondering if you might be able to help me

    any information will be helpful

    The control is ultipath

    now the hard drive was bad in this when i got it and i have been using it as a manual mill for 6months or so but i want to get the cnc up and running now

    The hard dive will not boot I have had the hard dive recovered and got as much data of it as i can. I have got a new hard drive in to it and loaded windows 98 (i believe the original was Windows 95 but i didnt have this) and it boots up windows. I have then copied all the dater from the old hard drive over and i can open the software but seams that only some bits of it work so i think to much is missing.

    I have spoken with hurco and they seam to know nothing about this type of controller now. however they have send me 2 floppy disk (ultipath masters)

    Disk one has Continue Execprog.001 and hurco.LDR on it

    Disk 2 has execprog.002 and led_ed.LAN on it
    I have tryed to boot these disks on Windows 98 and nothing happens

    it seams that this controller from what I have been reading is verfy simuler to BMC30 but with a windows .... Is this correct? and if so do I load the software in the same kind of way?
    I have found this https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...Byszi9LLU/edit
    That says how to load a BMC30 and the files and names seam to very very simuler....

    but if i need two partitions one C:/EXECUTIVE_1 and one D: /PART_PROGS where has windows got to be installed?

    I do now have a copy of windows 95 that i can try but any help would be greatly appreciated from any one that knows any thing or that has one of these that might be able to help with DATA

    I would like to try every thing i can on this controller before considering a retro fit

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Hurco SSM20 w/ Ultipath control

    Quote Originally Posted by AudioAnonymous View Post
    I do actually.
    I have got mine to work now...
    Can I ask you a question. can you program via G code (or nc)

    So if you go the program and click open or new it gives you an option to select hd3 or nc will yours let you select nc?

    I would love to know

    thank you

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