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    I hate cnc .....

    Yes I said , and I mean it . I flipping hate cnc .
    Oh sure I just love being able to hit the green button and watch stuff magically appear with no more effort then slapping a few tools in the spindle .

    But it has made me less happy with doing the manual machining I used to enjoy . And for that I hate cnc machining .

    I've been lucky so far , I struggled with buying my 770 , both mentally and financially . It turned out to be the best move I've made . It has made my life much much easier .
    And it opened up the doors to some outside work . Thanks to it I also have a 440 that paid for itself in 6 weeks .

    But alas , now that i am sucked into the money void that is cnc machining I desire a cnc lathe .
    I think a slant pro is in my future , I'm going to have to crunch some numbers and see if It makes sense .

    I think with a turret and a couple gang tools on the table I can reduce my work load to less then 20 hours a week between it and the 770 .

    Uuhg , I barely know enough to keep doing what I'm doing now and already considering a third machine to learn how to set up and program .... it's all your guys fault !

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    Re: I hate cnc .....

    You can find a balance. Let the machines make the money and get back to doing the stuff you love. That's the point...

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    Re: I hate cnc .....

    I have an idea! Why don't you wait for the vaccine to show up, and then go to the IMTS show? I'm sure that will cure you of any CNC lust you have. It won't make you want to mortgage the house, at all. No, sir!

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    Re: I hate cnc .....

    It makes me feel lazy . I used to like spending time making things on my lathe .
    Now with having the 770 dialed in im taking parts out of the mill, running them in the tumbler for a couple hours and done I'm getting spoiled .

    It doesn't help much that my little grizzly 10x22 lathe is starting to show its age and some wear .
    Not to mention how tedious the constant gear changes are starting to get now that I've a taste of automation.

    10 tools would cover everything I make on the lathe .
    I could set it up 1 time and be on easy street .... all for the low cost ...

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    Re: I hate cnc .....

    Careful! If you sit watching the machines do all of the work you might become portly.

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    Re: I hate cnc .....

    No worries there ... I'm already portly

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    Re: I hate cnc .....

    I'm a golden oldie from the old school of machining but when I retired I decided to dive into the pool of CNC to experience the computer managing the machine moves.

    I don't have parts to make or a need to earn a living from CNC so I can indulge my whim to play with the machine and buy all the tools and gadgets and be happy.....that's what machine toys are for when you get to your second childhood....anyone who thinks otherwise is just an unhappy old grump.

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