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    Exclamation I need some help with weird problem

    I have been running my Hoss G0704 cnc conversion with very few problems for the past 4 years.

    This week I decided to change my ATC4 from a 6 tool rack to a 10 tool rack. So I made all the pieces, built up the new 12 inch ATC4. I went into the vb script and changed everything to show the new positions of tools, new tool count and new degrees separating the tools.

    Here is the NEW problem, I set the steps for the tool rack about 15 or 16 times now. It does 360 degrees on repeated checks. When I run a dry tool change the tool rack either under or over rotates. No changes to the VB script or to the motor tuning or steps per degree but it will not repeat the rotation for tool changes, every one is different no matter what tool I select. If I go from tool 1 to tool 10, the first time it will under rotate, the next time it might over rotate or under rotate, it is not consistent in the error of over or under rotating.

    Any one seen this problem before?

    Please all suggestions will be gladly accepted.


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    Re: I need some help with weird problem

    Assuming no mechanical/electrical problems. This is only a guess on my part.

    The problem could be in the ''shortest path'' calculation in the VB script. That section may still think that there is 6 tool positions rather than 10.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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