The automotive industry is at a precipice - one that comes along once in a generation.

On the one hand, the electric vehicle is taking a strong hold and playing an increasingly important role in our lives. On the other hand, auto OEMs continue to upgrade existing models of combustion engines featuring high fuel performance and low emission.

From the moment we opened our doors until now, our slogan at Impro has remained the same - "Reliable, Flexible, Global." Over the years we have invested floor space, equipment and process capabilities for both EVs and the next generation of combustion engines.

That additional floor space includes a brand-new facility with 182,986 square feet (equivalent to 17,000 square meters) in Kocaeli, Turkey, along with a new facility of 195,300 square feet (equivalent to 18,144 square meters) in St. Luis Potosi, Mexico. Both of which allow us to expand our capabilities in terms of induction hardening and axial forming, which are new process technologies that allow us to produce parts for fuel injection systems, emission control systems and more.

All told, Impro precision machining products include high pressure connectors, diesel & gasoline injector components, valve flanges, shift shafts, gasoline injection rails, EV shafts and more.

Some of the highlights of our precision machining capabilities include but are certainly not limited to ones like:

* Deep hole drilling (I.D. tolerance 22 µm, Drill length 100xD with proprietary drill geometry and drilling fixture design and manufacturing capabilities)
* Multi-spindle turning (OD 18µm, Concentricity 0.01)
* Swiss Type turning
* 100% visual control automation
* Grinding (ID, OD, double-face, centerless)
* Honing
* Assembly

To find out more information about Impro's advanced precision machining technologies, please feel free to contact us at or visit our website at Home - Manufacturer of Precision Casting and Machining Components today.