I have been unable to find a way to carry my Z tooling offsets through different G code table fixtures with the auto tool change 2010 screenset.

Ie if I run an op with G54, G55, G56 fixtures. The first op I zero the first tool normally the facing mill. Then change to a longer end mill with auto tool change. It sets the new tool length offset for the G54, but then slams through the next fixtures.

I have asked on the Mach forum how to resolve this but nobody had an answer on how to carry the tool change accross all fixtures being used. A shame really. I honestly have no idea how to resolve this without buying an atc.

Question. With an ER32 collet. Is it possible to set tool heights with an extension that bottoms out into the spindle so I can preset my tool heights? This would be a fix to the above.

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