So a bit of preface, a customer asked if i could "comission" this machine. Me being a nice sort said yes. But the customer was told it had ATC. I found int he controller that the atc tool positions were not set or the table size etc.

So after a while of setting what i think is right, i cant get it to change tool. Ive tried sending T3M6, M6T3, M06T3, T3M06. Nothing works it just sits where it is and doesnt move and locks the controller up only way to get it runnign again is restart the machine.

Ive also found what i think are sensor wires that have been cut and hidden in the track. I think these maybe for the drawbar/clamp sensor.

the spindle that is in is an SDS120-30-1 8z/5.0 i can manually change the tool and use the machine in single tool. but i ont want to be wiring up sensors withough knowing, and letting the magic smoke out.

any help would be appreciated.

EDIT its ann NK105 G3 controller not G2

Cheers Sean