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    Journeyman Y Axis noise/vibration

    I have a J-250 mill which has developed rough movement in the y axis. I’m getting vibration and rough movement while jogging at medium speed. Occasional, it throws a y axis servo error. I first assumed it was caused by mechanical binding of the gib and or lack of lubrication. I’ve since tested and ruled this out since I could manually move the axis back and forth using a power drill on the ball nut and found it smooth as glass. I checked the brushes in the Balder servo motors and found they were all fine. Any thoughts on what is causing this rough movement? Do I need to adjust pots on the servo drive? Thanks for any insight.


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    Re: Journeyman Y Axis noise/vibration

    Update: I was able to resolve my issue with the Y axis. The mill had sat unused for several months before firing it up this time. I cycled the lube pump multiple times and jogged the axis back and forth for several minutes which has eliminated the vibration. I’m going to chalk this issue up as a case of stick slip on the ways.

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