This thread needs some love. Its been a while since anyone posted.

I love making clocks, so here are some of mine. Hopefully some entertainment value.

The first one is the last one I've finished and made for a gift. Its in black walnut with a Hibiscus flower cnc pattern on mahogany panels.

It is a new design which I really liked so I am making one for myself (next one). Mine of course has dragons and phoenixes as the patterns. It is in black walnut and maple. I still need to install the clock mechanism.

Next is my dragon claw clock in mahogany and maple. Hand turned spindles and dragon cnc patterns. Gifted to my brother in law. He is a bigger dragon fan than I am.

A lastly, the first clock I ever made. Grandfather clock in black walnut with purple heart accents. Stained glass front and sides. My own design. It sounds horrible. lol. A grandfather clock should never be your first clock and especially not one of a new design from someone who has no clue what they are doing.