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    Kasuga NC mill to CNC?'s

    Hey every1 super new to this stuff but not new to running CNC's . I have a couple omniturns and I have always wanted a mill. I found a deal that was hard to pass up so I got one. I have just aquired a Kasuga mill with a bandit control and QuickDraw tool changer. The bandit has got to go. I tried to power it up but no dice. The control turns on but no "bright light" display. A few LEDs light up inside the control and the fan turns on. If I hit the breaker in the back the reset light turns on and the reload light also.

    It has 3 summit dana DC servo motors 90V 74A 1430RPM. I couldn't get the spindle to start maybe I'm doing something wrong. I need to break out the volt meter and test the wires to the motor. Someone at the machine dealer pinched and most likely severed the cable with a forklift.

    Anyhow I want to run a new control on here w/ Mach 3. I have no clue where to start any and all help is much appreciated. I was going to try and test the servo motors but I can't get the control to do anything.

    Are my servo motors good enough for what I plan to do. I want to have an expandable setup and run a 4th axis on it. I have a old HAAS SRT laying around and I was wondering if I got the plug for it and wired it into my control would Mach 3 run it?

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    Re: Kasuga NC mill to CNC?'s

    I have a simmilar machine, probably the servos are in good condition, also main spindle, you may want to check the fuses on the left servo controller cards, and the transformer on your bandit controller. and fuses sometimes I can make my table to move, but not having the user manual is really difficult

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    Re: Kasuga NC mill to CNC?'s


    Anyhow I want to run a new control on here w/ Mach 3. I have no clue where to start any and all help is much appreciated. I was going to try and test the servo motors but I can't get the control to do anything.
    All development on Mach3 ceased eight years ago, if you are going to do this then go to Mach4, Mach3 works but has bugs and they'll always be there, Mach4 is a surer bet.

    Mach, 3 or 4, is an open loop Step/Dir controller. You say the existing servos are DC and most probably with a simple transconductance amplifier? If that's the case then Mach is a poor choice.

    Those servos require a motion controller that can 'close the loop' There are a few that do so that use Mach as the 'front end', but the cost and complexity make the uncertain results
    just too damned 'iffy' for my money.

    Galil do a range of motion controllers that could make use of those servos, but a 3 axis Gallil controller is about $2200USD. Great devices, but pricey. If you know what you are doing then maybe a second
    hand Galil, but if your new to CNC motion control you may be biting off more than you can chew.

    To be honest I would remove (an maybe even sell) the existing servo and servo amps and replace them with modern AC servos and matching drives. I use,and favour, Delta B2 series servos with a
    750W (1hp) Delta B2 kit (servo motor, servo drive and cables) is $438USD plus shipping.


    These servo drives, or other competitive servo drives are Step/Dir controlled and would be a slam dunk for Mach (3 or 4), or UCCNC, Centroid Acorn or LinuxCNC or whatever.
    The marked increase in the certainty of the results and the comparative simplicity of getting them strongly favours this approach, even if it means replacing what might otherwise be
    considered useful servos.

    Many don't like the thought of replacing the old DC servos and go down the path of trying to re-use them. Good luck if you choose to do the same.


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