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    Kflop <-> Mach3 communication

    well... i looking for KFLOP to/from Match3 communication but the process is not well documented.

    I tried to create a command in the Notification thread with user.Persistent[] variable with enum SPIN_ON, SPIN_OFF, FLOW_ON etc. and this working fine, but if i want to create a my library of command, how to do?

    For example: Launch a personalizated M.x macro and to intercept it in KFLOP Thread.

    I looked at some examples and there are "strange" number as 10300, 10301 and so on, but these number are not documented.

    Is there any document that describes the use of these messages?


    Guido from Italy

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    Re: Kflop <-> Mach3 communication

    Hi Guido,

    Mach3 NotifyPlugin() message numbers 10000 - 10999 are passed through to your Notify Program as described here. Which numbers you use is up to you.


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    Re: Kflop <-> Mach3 communication

    Damn! This document escaped me.

    Seems to be very simple!

    Thanks very much Tom

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