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    Komo VR408 Fanuc O-M

    Good Day All,
    We have a Komo VR408 router with a Fanuc O-M controller. Recently a lightning strike hit out network toasting the PC connected to the router and also blowing the serial interface on the memory card. Per Fanuc tech support I bought a replacement card, matching the original part # A16B-2201-0101/09A.
    I installed this using all the original eeprom chips and got fuzzies on the screen. So I replugged them to the original card "delete-reset" the memory and hand entered the parameters. Now I'm having trouble entering some of the parameters (924) and the diagnostics....

    What am I missing? Also, if anyone has a similar machine, I'd be quite happy for your settings to compare against what Komo (eventually) sent me....

    This is my 1st experience w/ Fanuc, I do have some w/ Fagor 8025's and quite a lot w/ SIemens 840Di..

    Thanks in Advance,
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    Re: Komo VR408 Fanuc O-M

    Did you enter the 900 parameters first after clearing the memory? After entering them you should cycle power and enter the remaining parameters.
    Here's something that I wrote up a few hundred years ago.

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