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    Laser Machine With two laser heads

    i have problem with laser machine with two heads.
    i use LaserCut5.3 , controller card : Leetro MPC6515, Two power supply 80 W, Two laser tube 80W.
    when for example, i put power 10% or 90% in software, and start cutting, the 1st head cut normally according to the value 10% or 90%; but the 2nd head stay cutting always at same power (17mA) , even when I put 0%.
    I noticed that the IN wire of 1st power supply is connected to pin2 (Analog Output) on Y2, but the IN wire of 2nd power is connected to pin3 (Laser Power) on Y2. see Pin Array on Table.
    why the connection of the two wires (IN) is different, 1st on Analog Power, the 2nd on Laser Power???
    I don’t know where is the problem.
    See pic.
    Can anyone help me.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Laser Machine With two laser heads

    I wouldn’t assume the wiring is wrong.
    Those four signals are typical for a laser power supply. You have one Y2 connector that somehow goes to both power supplies. One works ok and the other does not. I would suspect the issue lies between the connector and Power supplies or in the one PS.
    You could check the signals
    1). Ground.
    2). PWM but should be between 0 and 5
    3). 5 volts
    4). Zero to 5 to control the laser on off.

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    Thanks for your answer,
    I found other laser machine, with same controller card mpc 6515c, but for only one head and one laser tube, i found the pin3 not connected.
    See pic.
    What you think?

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