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    Lasercut 5.3 setting machine origin ?

    I have a Chinese laser cutter.. with MPC6515 DSP the cd supplied was blank

    I've installed Lasercut 5.3 runs ok with machine and dongle.

    Problem lasercut 5.3 software has a bottom left origin the laser cutter has a top right origin..

    This means any dxf file loaded to then send as a .MOL file causes a soft stop error as the laser axis is in the wrong direction.. China on new year celebrations till 24th Feb any help or hints would be appreciated..

    laser is 600 mm x 900 mm ..

    Just need to know how to reset origin in lectro lasercut 5.3 or how to tell lasercut to invert the axis's in the software configuration.

    seen a few discussions on the water cooling and chillers and some place that said 8C was the optimal value for the water temp giving 50% more cutting inefficiency..

    Many saying the chillers are not brill .. so here is a thought.. if the earth is 8c at 1m below surface run the cooling water through ground source heat style system.. benifts low cost running and considerably less temperature than ambient temperature which to my mind is all you can achieve with any of the chillers cw3000 or cw5000 chillers,,,.. requires anti freeze but this is required to stop algae groth and it improves cooling.

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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Open an ecp file or import a file to Lasercut 5.3, the look across the top for the tab labeled Laser. Click that tab and look for Set Laser Orgin, from the dialog box that opens you can set the origin wherever you want it. It will remain in that position until you change it.

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    Thanks Awardsmasters. We tried that however it keeps resetting it back to a start point in the middle!!! ... maybe something buggy here?

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    You cannot "invert" it- your laserbed is exactly the same as your LaserCut screen. If you are trying to fire where you have the file set in LaserCut, make sure you have the immediate box unchecked. It is located on the right hand side of your screen.

    If you are placing the material on the bed and want to start the laser in a specific position, you need to set the laser origin both on LaserCut and on the laser itself.

    1. Go to LaserCut and open your file. Set the Laser Origin in Laser>>Set Laser Origin>> For this article, lets use upper left.

    2. Make sure your immediate box is checked when you download the file.

    3. After you download the file, go to the menu screen on the laser. Make sure nothing is selected by hitting the escape (esc) button. Move the arrows until the laser is in the spot you want it to be. If you picked upper left - make sure the red dot is set to the upper left of your project. Hit the enter button 3 times until it asks you the question Set Laser origin? Hit the enter button again to select.

    4. To test if this is the proper placement - hit the test button. The laser will run a box around the file dimensions. If you need to adjust - repeat step 3 until it is in the proper place.

    5. Now you can run your file by pressing the start button.

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    Thank you

    Thank you Hurricane21 ... I just received a new installation of lasercut 5.3 from the supplier this has solved the problem..

    It's still quite strange that lasercut 5.3 shows the origin at the bottom left.

    You certainly seem to know your way around lasercut 5.3 your reply is very useful to a novice..

    I must learn more of these features... Thank you.

    My first cut was great.. I will be adding a relay to control the extractor fan and another relay to switch the air assist compressor on and off next.

    I have a CW3000 with 11Ltrs of de-ionized water 25% antifreeze but will be trying a ground source cooling system next as A it will save power B it will get better tube efficentcy.

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    Re: Lasercut 5.3 setting machine origin ?

    What if the steps were previously working like that but no longer are? I feel that the Configuration (CFG) file was incorrect. I no longer have the FAT file on the USB since some students deleted that off of the drive. I am looking for any ideas that could help please.

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    Re: Lasercut 5.3 setting machine origin ?

    Thank you Hurricane21. I know its a few years since you wrote this... But is has just sorted my issue that I have been tearing my hair out over for the last couple of days.
    I do a lot of small jewellery items and odd shaped wood items that I may just have a very small engravable area that I need to be very precise when engraving. I was able to just set up item up and then centre the laser head in any area on the bed, and just simply test and start from there. However after having done some work on the laser and installing new PSU and tube it was just starting from center or where ever I set origin, but I could not get it to start from where I set it, which meant it was not precise enough or very time consuming. I finally found your post and it worked!!! I never use to have to do the enter, enter, enter part, but that's ok... I can live with this. ;-)
    So thank you for your simple clear instructions.

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