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    May 2003

    Leadwell tdc 450 310m

    Please help reload proper parameters

    Back up battery died.

    Getting S02 init parameter error 2e
    spindle controller al37

    Does any one have parameters saved

    I have called leadwell and mitsubishi and still same alarm.


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    Feb 2016

    Re: Leadwell tdc 450 310m

    Did you ever get the parameters? I have the same problem. If you did can you share them with me. Thanks.

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    May 2003

    Re: Leadwell tdc 450 310m

    Found some parameters not sure if they work i could not get the magazine to work. Tapatalk Cloud - Downlaoad File TDC-450%20PARMATERS.pdf

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    Feb 2008
    We have the same problem. Parameters is filled after battery change and charge, but macro for tool change is still missing. I can make images of params list, if anyone need it. Waitings for any information from Leadwell, because I contacted him. Another trouble is with drives, first fifteen minutes works fine, after it produce noise caused by unstability of drives..I have not any idea, what it is..

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    Re: Leadwell tdc 450 310m

    I have LEADWELL TDC 450 Drill Tape Center CNC machine with Meldas 310 and i have issue of tool call i have Macro program in controller and it get call when tool command is give but Error alarm occurs on screen No program no , so please help me so can get ride out off this please

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    Re: Leadwell tdc 450 310m

    Dear i have TDC 450 Leadwell Drill Tape Center cnc and have problem with ATC Macro program and parameters setting for Tool Pot and so while calling Tool no it gives Alarm no program no while reading Macro program 9001 so please help me

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    Re: Leadwell tdc 450 310m

    Also can some one help me with original parameters for Lead Well TDC450 CNC Machine it will be helping hand for me

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