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    Lenght probe on retractable arm

    Good morning.
    For reasons of space on the milling machine table, I need to mount the fixed probe for measuring the tool length, on a retractable arm, moved by a stepper with belt / pulley transmission, as rotational axis "U" or other letter.
    I would therefore need to insert, in the M6 script, on the script "measure lenght" too, and in any others that use the same probe, a line of code like this, before the measurement:
    and, after the measurement, before machine moving and spindle restart:
    I absolutely don't know where to put them in the scripts, and I'm not familiar with the language used in the scripts that TNG uses.
    Can someone help me?

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    Re: Lenght probe on retractable arm

    can anyone help me?

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    Re: Lenght probe on retractable arm

    the M6 scripts is basically a enhanced GCode.

    the script handles the tool change in the first part and in the second part the tool length measurement.
    Where to put you code depends on the wanted behavior.

    The easiest way would be to simply put it directly at the start and right at the end. This would move out the arm before the tool change and retract it after the measurement.

    Personally I would move it out only for the tool length measurement.
    the tool measurement happens between the lines

    203 and 240

    O<tm> if [[#<_tc_toolmeasure> GT 0] AND [#<_tool_skipmeasure_num|#<_current_tool>> EQ 0]]
    (print, Measure tool)
    #<sox> = [DEF[#<_tool_so_x_num|#<_current_tool>>,0]]
    #<soy> = [DEF[#<_tool_so_y_num|#<_current_tool>>,0]]
    #<soz> = [DEF[#<_tool_so_z_num|#<_current_tool>>,0]]

    G53 G00 Z#<_tooloff_safeheight>
    G53 G00 X[#<_tooloff_sensorx> - #<sox>] Y[#<_tooloff_sensory> - #<soy>]
    G53 G00 Z#<_tooloff_rapidheight>

    G53 G38.2 Z-100000 F#<_tooloff_speed>
    G91 G53 G01 Z[+#<_tooloff_swdist>]
    o<low> if [#<_tooloff_speed_low> GT 0]
    G90 G53 G38.2 Z-100000 F#<_tooloff_speed_low>
    G91 G53 G01 Z[+#<_tooloff_swdist>] F#<_tooloff_speed>
    o<low> endif
    M11P1 G90
    O<tmset> elseif [#<_tc_toolmeasure> EQ 1]
    (print, Set tool offset Z#<off>)
    G43.1 Z#<off>
    O<tmset> endif
    O<tm> endif

    I would put the "G1U180f100" right after the "O<tm> if " before the G09
    and the "G1U0f100" before the "O<tm> endif"

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    Re: Lenght probe on retractable arm

    Scorpion TDL: Many thanks! I appreciate so much your time and your help.
    Due to an unexpected commitment, I'll be away from my garage for next 2/3 weeks. As soon as possible I'll try and let you know the result.

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