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    LHR TECHNOLOGIES aka carvewright over controlling

    Look at this

    Straight from LHR website

    Ive never seen a company so controlling ...who would wznt to buy a product that is on a tether like this

    The Designer Software BASIC software should be downloaded from our website and not from an old disk. DO NOT INSTALL SOFTWARE FROM OLD INSTALLATION DISK.
    Software other than the Designer BASIC version 1.187 software is NON-TRANSFERABLE (this includes, but is not limited to patterns, projects, subscriptions, centerline, pattern editor, STL & DXF Importer)
    Warranties are NON-TRANSFERABLE
    Proof of purchase & machine serial number must be sent to LHR for the machine to be released from previous customers account before it can be registered by its new owner. Email to sales@carvewright.com
    Machines bought at auction or pawn shops will not be released without previous owner verification or proof that previous owner is deceased.
    Once removed from the previous owner, it is then available for new owner to create their own Customer Account and register the machine and the Designer BASIC license that comes with the registration.
    The latest manuals are available online.
    Visit our our Support section for more information and Tutorials to assist you in getting started.
    PLEASE BEWARE! Make sure you are purchasing from a trusted seller. There are some machines that have been reported as stolen. Every machines serial number must be registered in order for it to be used. LHR can look up a serial number prior to purchase to verify who is listed as the current owner. Proof of purchase is required to release from previous owner. We do not guarantee that the machine has or has not been stolen based on our records, as the report of some stolen machines may not have been communicated to us.

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    Re: LHR TECHNOLOGIES aka carvewright over controlling

    It's a legal issue. The law (in my opinion) took a wrong turn a few decades back, when software was a new thing. Instead of having to conform to the established "first sale" doctrine, which basically held that once you bought something it was yours and you could do what you wanted with it, software sellers were able to convince the courts that their products were entitled to special protections, and that they weren't actually sold, but just licensed on terms that could be as restrictive as the companies cared to make them. This has led to situations where you buy a machine, but it's totally useless because the you still don't own the software that makes it work, unless you negotiate a separate licensing agreement with the company that makes it, for which they can ask whatever they want.
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: LHR TECHNOLOGIES aka carvewright over controlling

    legal speegal.. plain and simple its called ****ty business practices and corrupt courts....you buy a product it should be yours period and you should be able to do whatever you want with it...all i can say is stay far away from LHR and carvewright...not only do they have a crappy product but they have crappy business practices.

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