This is a Light Machines desktop CNC Mill. It is basically a Sherline 5000 inside an enclosure with spindle speed control and an E-stop button. I was told it came out of a high school and was used to cut wax. Currently running a Smoothieboard V2.0 for the motion control and Pronterface as the G-code interpreter. The laptop is a Dell D630 running Linux. Comes with a 3" vise, drill chuck, collets, step block hold downs and a couple of end-mills. I've never used it to cut any material, but I have tested it and it seems to work fine. Issues with the laptop are the battery is dead, but functions fine when plugged in and sometimes the screen loses color, but it will quickly go back to normal.. Also, the mill could use the end stop switches installed, I have some 3D printed switch brackets for it.

Located in the Tracy, California area.
Asking $1100 + Shipping.