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    linde ucc 305 not working

    Hi guys. Just bought a massive Linde 305. It is set up for tig with a foot pedal. Machine turns on, fan blows but no spark of any kind at the leads or at the lugs on the machine. Switched from remote to panel, still no spark at the lugs. Rotated the switches and levers, thinking corrosion might be the cause. Nope. Bought from a man that used it a few years ago to build a rock crawler. He didn't use it for a few years had a new project and it didn't work. I am a skilled welder. My knowledge of the internals is nil. I have ordered a meter to test the capacitors, thinking one may have failed over time. None of the capacitors is visually swollen or leaking. I have this machine at the house for projects.

    I need help. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    Re: linde ucc 305 not working

    UPDATE: I looked more closely at the capacitors and found one that is swollen and tests dead with the farad meter. The dead one is labeled:
    GE CAT 72F6128 FB uf40 FUSED P24
    81787 VAC 460 HZ60

    I reached out to a local welding repair, they reached out to ESAB for parts with the reply parts are not available.
    I will head to Grainger tomorrow and see if they have a compatible part.
    I have seen other 40uf on the grainger website but they are physically smaller.
    I may need help piecing together or building a compatible capacitor.

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    Re: linde ucc 305 not working

    Linde 305 that is old stick welding machine and i guess is without HF , so as skilled welder you know is lift start , did you try stick .... ?

    Anyways size of part are not important just spec of that part , your machine is old and that can be reason for size difference .

    Did you fixed your welding machine or still dead .. ?

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