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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Fadal > Looking for newer control cards for my CNC88
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    Looking for newer control cards for my CNC88


    I have acquired a 1991 4020. It was in really bad shape, needed all new turcite, y and z ball screws, the spindle was trash, the spindle motor was full of old coolant, dirt and chips. It had been run with the cabinet doors open and was in general just a mess. I have spent since last October rebuilding it (thoroughly enjoyed most of the process) and now that it is up and running (for the most part) I was hoping to replace the old -2 control with something newer like a -4 or -5 . It already has some newer cards and exactly what I will need will depend on which CPU card I can find. I have already spent more than I should have on the old girl but It sure would be nice to have at least quick keys, which it does not have now. I am hoping to find someone with an extra set of cards that they are willing to part with? (Maybe you are upgrading to a 527F control from your -4 or -5 and could swap with me and turn in my old cards and make a few dollars off your old stuff at the same time?)

    Please let me know what you have and what you need for it.


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    Re: Looking for newer control cards for my CNC88

    Here is a PDF that lists control card compatibility. Given the age of the machine, there may be other cards required if upgrading to a -4 or -5.


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