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    Lost in the Electronics

    Hello tech geniuses perusing this forum. I come seeking the black magic secrets of the Electrical cabal... I have little to offer in return for your wisdom but beg your intervention nonetheless.

    I like many pioneers before me am building my own CNC router. The mechanical part is going fairly well, however I am trying to get a grasp on the electrical portion of the build, and would like some advice (to be honest I would really like some to just tell me what to do). I have purchased a few components, and now am trying to piece together the parts to complete the picture.

    So far I have bought these items:

    Spindle with VFD - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3301...19a74c4dRxrVEW

    4 Stepper Motors with Drivers - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3304...5b675361BsxJe6

    Pokeys57cnc controller - https://www.robotshop.com/ca/en/usb-...keys57cnc.html

    I am now trying to choose an appropriate Power Supply(s) for the system, and this is where the witchcra... errrr uhmm... electrical formulas start to melt my brain. From what I can tell I will likely need to purchase two power supplies:
    1. 24 VDC switching power supply to provide external power to the Pokeys57cnc control board
    2. A higher voltage power supply (VAC or VDC) to supply power to the motors via the drivers.
    One of my main questions is what should this second power supply be? I do not really want to make my own unregulated power supply (don't be fooled, I use this terminology like I might know what it means but I don't) but from what I have read it is likely a better option than buying a regulated switching power supply due to costs and performance. Is there a good place to buy a prebuilt toroidal power supply and what archaic glyphs... err uhmm... specifications as far as volts, amps, watts, capacitance, etc (please fill in all other important units and values that I don't even know exist) do I need for the hardware that I already have?

    Other than that I think I have a handle on other components I will be needing: limit switches, E-stop, wing of bat, tincture of toad, some shielded wire. I guess I do have one more question: is it wise/possible to run the spindle and the main PSU off of the same 240VAC house power and just split the line in the control box or will I be needing separate power sources for both?

    Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

    This will not be the last time I assure you.

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    Re: Lost in the Electronics

    You can use the same supply for all the system, just that when it enters the enclosure, it should be separated into the individual supplies with appropriate fusing after entry.
    The service ground conductor should be secured at one metallic part of the panel and any other grounds connected or terminated there also.
    You may find some help from looking for a copy of NFPA79, it is out there in PDF format still I believe.
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    Re: Lost in the Electronics


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    Re: Lost in the Electronics

    Ok, I took a look at their different models from Antek on that page. Looks like I could get the unit below and that would provide both required voltages and eliminate the need to get a separate 24v PSU. That should make it pretty straight forward.

    Power 1500W
    Output Voltage Current
    80V 16.5A
    24V 2A

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