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    M198 set main program fanuc OIMF

    Hi guys ,I’m a newbie here
    Anyway I’m just open a Cnc shop in thailand and I’m using victor p106
    Right now I having a problem with how to use main program (m198) because I’m trying so many time but it’s not work

    Anyone who know please give me some advice

    Many Thanks

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    Re: M198 set main program fanuc OIMF

    I'll try my best with what little information I have. Main programs are used to call sub programs. Sub programs are little programs that are usually used in sections. (Tool Changes and such). M98 calls a sub program that is in the main memory area. M198 calls sub programs that are on the memory card in the slot next to the monitor. Parameter 20 needs to be set to 4. The format to use is M198 P1234 in case of calling program O1234. The memory card has limitations. Your program on the card should be named O1234 and nothing else. Stay away from any other format. Also, the program should have the program number inside the program as well. O1234. If this fails then give us more information as to which controller you have and what you are doing and what happens in detail when you do it.

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