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IndustryArena Forum > CAD Software > Uncategorised CAD Discussion > Mac DXF to Dos DXF conversion?
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    Mac DXF to Dos DXF conversion?

    Folks, I am looking for some conversion software for converting Mac generated DXF files to PC usable DXF files. Any help appreciated.
    Thanks, Tom

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    They're just text files, so they should be the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ger21 View Post
    They're just text files, so they should be the same.
    This would happen in a "perfect world"
    Actually there is a difference between Mac, Dos/Windows and Unix/Linux text files: the newline character.
    It is everything explained on Wikipedia:
    along with workarounds.

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    I found a work-around. I open the Mac.dxf file into "WordPad" on my PC, save it as a text file, and now the PC based programs can open it.

    Wordpad adds line feed and carriage return.


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