Hi guys,

Mach 3 doesn't allow me to enable soft limits in a random way. After homing, and moving absolute position within the soft limits, It keeps telling me "
machine out of limits for for soft limit activation".
Some times I can activate it before homing.

Attached: xml file and screenshots of configuration.

As you can see, I have homing offests, so that machine has 10mm before homing switch on X and Y axis, and 15mm in the Z axis. Homing and --Limit for X and Y are shared, for Z homing and ++Limit is shared.


Mach 3
Version R3.043.062

Win 10 x64

NUVM V2 Controllor with latest plugin

DM542 stepper drivers, 200°/rev steppers ; 2000 steps per millimeter

A axis slaved to Y axis,