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    Mach3 homing slave axis not squaring up

    Good day gentle people.

    I am building a new plasma cnc table to replace my old table.

    A quick overview of the build
    NVEM network controller
    Closed loop stepper motors Hbs86h driver
    Limit switch for all axis

    A Axis is slaved to Y axis

    Machine moves well and is calibrated.

    Here is my problem
    With homing with master limit turned OFF in general config.
    When I reference all home
    The y axis moves to limit switch stops and A Axis does not square up. The system appears to hang. If I activate the A Axis limit manually. It goes green in diagnostic page.
    It appears that once the y axis has hit the limit switch. It is waiting for
    The A limit switch
    But A Axis does not move.
    X Axis does not home.

    If I turn on home with master in general config.
    The homing works fine for all axis.
    But no squaring up.

    I have set the soft limits page.
    On the soft limits page. A and Y axis are set the same.

    I would expect that of this was wrong. They would drive in opposite direction when homed.

    I have looked on many forums and tried multiple settings.
    But can't seem to get this working

    Any suggestions appreciated.


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    Re: Mach3 homing slave axis not squaring up

    You can try modifying the homing macro to use RefCombination to home the slaved axis.

    If that doesn't work, then there's a good chance you motion controller does not support slaved homing.

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