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    machine handling

    I may have just purchased an old yonchin cnc mill. My company says I can,t use their forklift to load it on a trailer tho. Also I have no way to unload it or move it when I get it home. It weighs about 2500lbs or less. Any suggestions on how other people have done this and gotten it in there garage?

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    Re: machine handling

    One possibility is to call a local flatbed tow operator and see what options they can offer you.

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    Re: machine handling

    Renting a forklift might be a good option. If it really only weighs 2500 lbs. then good pallet jack could be used to move it around, also available for rent. At 2500 lbs, I would want a minimum of a 5000 lb forklift. Using a drop deck trailer is my prefered method for hauling. My local rental shop has a 10,000 lb drop deck trailer for about $55/day. You'll need ratchet pullers, straps, chains & binders for moving and securing the load. Above all, get some help, and think through what you are going to do before you do it.

    Hiring a machinery mover might be a very good option if you don't have experience moving machines.

    You could build a frame and put it on wheels. Here is a picture of one machine in my shop that is on wheels. I didn't do this, and it doesn't look very substantial, but it seems to work fine. About a 5000 lb machine.

    These are about 5 inch castors and the angle iron is 3/8 thick, just bolted to the cast iron base. We just rolled it out of the trailer, while controlling it with ratchet pullers.

    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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