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    Machining a funnel

    Hey guys, I’m new to machining so be gentle. I recently converted a small mill to cnc and bought a 5 ton injection molding machine. The time has come to make the first mold. With the purchase of the machine I was given a sample mold so I could get an idea how to make one.

    The injection machine has a special extruder which has a spike runner through the center which keeps the plastic hot when it’s injected directly into the part. The fixed mold half needs some special machining to accommodate this. Basically a .5” cone with 60 degree taper, into a 90 degree taper into a .050 office.
    Anyway before I spend $100 on tooling, I wanted to ask the pros how they would go about doing this operation. I do have a manual mini lathe but I figured this would be easier and repeatable down the road for making new molds to program this in my cnc. (Has an 11k spindle small cutters are no problem).

    So what do you suggest? Would a 60/90 degree tapered 1/16 end mill work by chamfering down? Should I drill the .050 orfice first then use an end mill? I have little experience with what tools would work best.

    Forgot to add, the bottom of the cone where it meets the orfice needs to be sharp for the part to seperate properly, and the cone finish is important for plastic to flow nicely. Thanks for any advice! Please see pics!

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    Re: Machining a funnel

    Can I see your product pictures? thanks fall guys

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