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    Question made an account just to ask some experts...

    hi everyone, hope im doing this right.

    My name is Joe DiGeronimo. I'm the lead designer and the mascot of my local high school robotics team, Zero Gravity (you can check us out at Zero Gravity FIRST Team 2180 - Steinert Robotics - Hamilton High School - East if you're that interested in who we are)
    We have this little side project we do called Chips 4 Change, where we cut up old recycled computer parts and turn them into little keychains and necklaces. It's been going quite well, but we've made the decision to start adding our team logo on the back of the chips we cut up.
    Conveniently, we found an old "TechCenter 21" CNC Mill, which we found out was actually a Denford Micromill 2000 (model number? model year? not sure.) upon a quick Google search. We inserted the key and turned it on and amazingly, it still works!
    We just have one big problem: We don't know what software we need for it, nor do we know what kind of hardware or cables we need to hook it up to a PC.
    I was hoping you guys might be able to provide us with some insight on how to get our CNC working properly, or maybe we have the wrong machine for the job, or maybe somebody knows a guy who knows a guy who might know something.

    any insight is helpful on the situation.



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    Re: made an account just to ask some experts...

    Did you try browsing the denford website? Specialists in Technology for Education - Denford Ltd

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    Re: made an account just to ask some experts...

    I would check out https://www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/overview it is probably the one and only software you will ever need to do your entire project Design, Testing, Assembly, Rendering and manufacturing (posting code to cut your parts on your machine) and its free for Students and Hobbyists

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    That's awesome! will check you site out! thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaneRyan View Post
    That's awesome! will check you site out! thanks!
    also check this out https://hobarts.com/

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