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    After a 3d routing operations the head rise up to the maximum Z position.(G153 G0 Z0 - in ISO code)
    Maestro don't accept value to the "safety quota" (if I write a value then the software erase it)
    The machine spent a lot of time to do this unnecessary movement.(20 mm over the material top it's enough).
    May be I can modify the post processors (NCI.cfg) file but i don't know where to modify and how ....
    Please help me !

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    Hi, am from toronto canada and noticed you in the forums and operating with scm cnc machine (Morbidelli M100, 5 axis). I have some questions regarding maestro the software that came with it. Thank you and looking forward to talking with you. My instagram is bnsnlai and email is bnsnlai@hotmail.com

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