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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Deckel, Maho, Aciera, Abene Mills > Maho MH800C 5axis Philips 532 - B02 alarm (measuring system alarm)
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    Maho MH800C 5axis Philips 532 - B02 alarm (measuring system alarm)

    Hello All,
    Our company bought this used machine around 2 months ago and we didn't power it up since last week.
    Machine parameters are still there. I tried to bring the axes to RP, x,y,z were ok but axis B (turning rotary table around y axis) wont move at all. neither manual nor with RP command. If you try, the hydrolic will power off.

    When i try to RP axis A (rotary table), the table wont stop moving!

    Any suggestion?

    b.t.w with the machine we got a 3axis vertical postprocessor. What should we do for a 5axis processor? should we buy it from DMG MORI? or it can be downloaded?

    Thanks alot,


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    Re: Maho MH800C 5axis Philips 532 - B02 alarm (measuring system alarm)

    Now this error (B02) comes at the beginning and wont let the hydrolic to stay on.

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