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    Makera Carvera milling machine.

    It is really cheap kickstarter out of China. Cuts Aluminum and Brass, there is even a demo cutting stainless, really slow.
    Tool changer, lasers, 4th axis option, dust collection, height probe, ball screws and closed loop servos.

    All that and whatever I missed, is it just a toy or pipe dream? It seems to do everything really slow. And there is the roll the dice with kickstarter.


    Carvera - A Fully Automatic Desktop CNC for Makers by Makera — Kickstarter

    Thanks in advance for your helpful input.

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    Re: Makera Carvera milling machine.

    Never get involved in a Kickstarter.

    There simply isn't any reason to do it. You have everything to lose and nothing to gain. There are reputable machine builders selling good working machines, if you want to buy a machine, go to them.

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    Re: Makera Carvera milling machine.

    It's a pipe dream until it hits the market. Once it does that, you might be able to buy one, but until then you're betting on a very long shot.
    Andrew Werby

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