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    material thickness difference


    I just have one question, hoping someone could point me in the right direction here..

    So, I have a fixture set up, with 60 parts in it, that i need to run a radius on both sides of every part.
    My problem tho, is that the plates the parts are cut out of, is in different thikness, (+ - 1mm) and that makes the radius sometimes too big, and sometimes too small.
    How should i go about to probe every part, and make the macine take into consideration the difference inthikness..?
    Im using a hexagon probe, in a Doosan vcf850 Lathe,

    Appreciate any pointers or help.


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    Re: material thickness difference

    hy, i cant help with specifics for your machine, since i am not familiar with it, but it should be possible

    i just wished to ask if you can machine both radius without flipping the part ?

    if at this moment you need to flip the part, then maybe you can solve this without probing, but by machining the lower radius, thus the one on the side that makes contact with your fixture; i don't know how relevant it was, since i don't know your setup / kindly
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