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    matsuura 510 vg upload firmvare


    I've got a problem with firmvare upload to Matsura 510 VG. I've got firmvare and parameters.
    I've got firmvare upload procedure to matsuura but I don't know which card to use.
    I have 2 cards pcmcia 8 MB and second card cf with adapter pcmcia 8 MB.
    Format both cards for the fat file system (fat 16) and the machine still doesn't see this card.
    Has anyone already had a problem like this?? How to solve this problem??
    I have no other information from matsuura regarding the card. J300 Yasnac mill control.
    Thanks for all the suggestions

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    Re: matsuura 510 vg upload firmvare

    What kind of firmware are you trying to install? ladder? CAPP?
    The ATA card slot on the J300 on the Matsuura out of the box was not meant for file manipulation - it required some OPTIONS like "LARGE-MEMORY OPERATION".
    The parameters are probably easiest through RS232.
    Use attached to see if you can see your card.

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