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    Mazak PFH-5800 X-axis zero return problem

    Hello. I could use some help. Mazak technical support has been hit or miss for me.
    I have a PFH-5800 that has recently started to blow right past the X-axis Zero Return proximity switch. Mazak tech support said the proximity switch must be faulty so I ordered a new one and replaced it.
    Problem still exists. We can see the light on the switch change when the pickup moves past it.

    Any suggestions on how to solve this problem? Anyone know the correct Parameters to monitor during zero return? My electrical manual says R7010, but I'm not seeing any change on that parameter when the proximity switch changes state. I monitored the same parameter on another PFH-5800 that I have and it didn't change state either, so I feel I have the wrong parameter to monitor.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Mazak PFH-5800 X-axis zero return problem

    Might problem with HR371. Means that PLC doesn't get digital input from your siwtch and doesnt stop. You should get alarm 128 outside interlock whe this happens.

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