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Thread: mazak users

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    Feb 2007

    mazak users

    are there any other mazak users on this sight. new to the sight, and heard there was a lot of good info here.

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    Yes..... there are many.... Welcome!

    It's just a part..... cutter still goes round and round....

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    Nov 2006
    I manage 3 Mazak SQT lathes with Mazatrol T Plus every day. Welcome to the site!

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    Feb 2007


    its good to know that we are not all alone in the world.

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    I have a love/hate relationship with an SQT-250M, 640T.

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    Im a virgin to Mazaks, I will be starting my new job on the 19th working with only Mazak VMCs.

    Kind of nervis, ive worked with G and M codes but never mazatral.

    Any tips for a guy like me?

    The machines are all newer (oldest 3 years old)

    Thy say I will learn how to program and run all of them, all 32 of them.


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    Nov 2005
    Good luck!

    Mazatrol reads different than G-code but remember that the mazaks actually run a G-code program in the background.

    The conversational interface is converted to a G-code program that you never see.

    The machine needs to know everything that a G-code machine needs to know, the question is where the information is located.

    Become familiar with the tool data page and the tool file. The tool data page is obvious but the tool file often overlooked.

    Any tool that you create in a mazatrol program must be named in the tool file first with the most important and overlooked information being the depth of cut. If you set the depth of cut wrong you will either take way to deep a cut in a circle milling unit or you will become familiar with the mazalarm "feature" with the "Z depth too large" alarm.

    In a circle milling unit if you wish to take multiple Z level passes the only control is to create multiple units specifying a new z level or you can set the max depth of cut in the tool file to the desired max depth.

    when you are using the same tool in a line unit if you wish to take a deep cut and the max depth in the tool file is set lower than the Z depth specified by you in the line unit you will get the "Z depth too large alarm".

    It's all there , the key is to get as familiar with where the information is stored and how to manipulate it as you can right off the start.

    As for the programs you will want to read the manuals and become familiar with the XY plane check feature for quick checking shapes in a specific unit.

    There is also the "Mazalie" component of mazatrol to go along with the "mazalarm" feature. Basicly the sooner you learn to "lie" to mazatrol the easier life will be.

    Oh, I almost forgot "DEPTH-Z" isn't always the depth, sometimes it's the radial width and there are other misleading settings within the units that you need to become familiar with. And the "lead line" isn't always fully relevant in that changing the information in the first line will not necessarily change the cut. It's the information in the tool line that MUST be change to modify the cut, unless of course you are using a unit that needs the information in the lead line changed which is sometimes but not always the case or relevant unless your "lying", sort of.

    BTW, have fun.


    PS. offset units are a great way to Z up for a dry run which is a great way to see how mazatrol has interpreted your inputs even after you have run a tool path. You can also insert an end unit anywhere in the program to test the program out without having to complete the program or load all the tools.

    As an edit I'd like to add that mazatrol is basicly all "canned cycles" your just giving it the info it needs to set them up.

    As an additional edit I highly recommend a really good look at the parameters manual. Lots of the "how does it Know?" questions are answered by a parameter setting.


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    Feb 2007

    mazatrol newbe

    you have to take it easy on the new mazatrol guys. I have been a mazak user for many years. It is like any good marriage. you have to learn how to lie and cheat a little bit in order to get what you really want.
    The best thing to do is try to learn the right way to do things from the beginning, and do things the same way all the time, or at least in the same order. this will same you alot of pain and suffering. if you are new to mazatrol work with it for a little while, and then go to a class and get some training. this way you will know what questions you need answers to, and you are not trying to take it all in at once.

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    [QUOTE=Any tips for a guy like me?[/QUOTE]

    Hopfully, you'll have someone who is good at it to train you. Also, don't forget what you already know about CNC machining. Typically most people who go from standard G-code programming to Mazatrol find it different in the beginning and ultimatly simplistic once mastered, at from the standpoint of programming on the shop floor. Another thing to concider is that although Mazatrol is capable of very complex geometry it really was designed for shop flooor use and is easier to use for less complex parts. Most all Mazaks have the ability to use both G-code(eia/iso) and Mazatrol for this very reason. Complex 3D profiling etc. is done with CAM software off line and posted as G-code. Anyhow good luck.

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    Feb 2007

    R there n-e Mazak users here?

    Hell yeah! 14 years, 3 Mazak QT-15s / T2 Controllers, Conversational, EIA & G-Code (nuts)

    :cheers::withstupi :cheers:

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    Mar 2004
    A bunch of Mazaks at our location.

    Mazatrol will not do everything that G-Code can do.

    It has it's limitations.
    Wayne Hill

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    Feb 2007
    i am a mazatrol guy. and the only thing i cant do in mazatrol is 3d work, and engraving.(nuts) everything else gets done in mazatrol.

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