Hi. We just bought a Mazak QT Nexus 250-II MS with a sub-spindle and multifeed bar feeder. It's from 2011 and it should come in some time in the next couple of weeks. I just have some basic questions to get me started.

1. How to feed the bar feeder and count parts.

2. How to sync the sub and main spindle and parting off.

3. Is it possible to use load sensing on the B (W?) axis when transferring to the sub? That way I know the part is touching the backside of the jaws before clamping.

4. How to set an offset on the sub and mirror the Z-axis or do I have to program in the Z+ direction?

5. Is macros an option on Mazatrol controls? It would be helpful if I can save all the offsets and other parameters in the program so the operator doesn't have to enter all that manually every time we change work.